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Spades Owner Bridget Corbin was at church when a member (teen age) girl stopped by to get her bible. She opened door (left it open) and spade ♠️ got out, and bit another dog Victoria did not know he got out. While at church Bridget got a phone call from animal co telling her  spade has attacked another dog. They kept possession of Spade. Owner agreed to pay all vet bills, the animal controls findings were that " Spade was "NOT" aggressive and posed no danger! But  the Judge ( Honorable Antoinette Williams) misread the report and ordered Spade to die " tomorrow August 2nd 2018 at Noon! we are begging for help, Please sign this petition, call, email anything to save this dogs life~! Spade is a family member and loved very very much! SHARE like crazy!!!! This is Spades first offense, he is not aggressive. Bridget and her family have agreed to do whatever necessary to bring Spade home!!! #savespadeslife