Remove Nazi and SS paraphernalia from St. Jacob's Market Road Antiques

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When the seller of SS and Nazi paraphernalia displays and sells emblems, and symbols of hatred, and accompanies his sales with "I think we persecuted the Germans long enough", it is in denial of the pain of genocide of many people.

In the Second World War, 11 million people were killed in concentration camps and in death camps by the Nazis, including a genocide of 6 million Jewish people. Their victims included:

  • Jews
  • Romanis
  • Political dissenters
  • Other religious groups (Christian Poles, Jehovah's Witness)
  • Soviet POWs
  • People with mental and physical disabilities

We maintain that the display and sale of these artifacts entirely inappropriate. It trivializes historical trauma. Waterloo Region has struggled in the past with hate crimes. We sign this position in continuity and solidarity with that struggle. We ask for the Nazi and SS paraphernalia to be removed from Market Road Antiques.

Informational links on the issue are to be found below.

Sincerely the undersigned,

CTV newsreel with interview with market manager, and seller of the Nazi and SS paraphernalia: 

CTV Newsreel

Current publication on Canadian anti-hate laws and freedom of expression:

Canadian Anti-hate Laws and Freedom of Expression

Wikipedia article on The Holocaust:

The Holocaust

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