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Add Communist symbols to the Anti Defamation League

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The Anti Defamation League is an organization which vows to "Fight anti-Semitism and all forms of hate" and specialize in Hate Crimes, Cyberhatred and extremism. The ADL have the most famous database of hate symbols which is used by many different police and security departments as a guideline as to what is acceptable to use.

The database contains things that are quite obviously hate symbols such as the Swastika, Iron Cross, KKK logo etc but also some lesser known ones such as Nordic runes and various abbreviations. The symbols are almost all Far right based which isn't itself a problem and I do agree that far right groups are very dangerous however I want to bring attention to the other side of political views with the rise of Far LEFT extreme groups which have notoriously committed countless beatings, assaults, muggings and vandalized and looted several stores during rallies and protests for example the G20 Summit in Germany saw thousands of ANTIFA members burning cars, breaking windows and looting jewellery stores wearing black masks to hide identity. 

The biggest and most famous group that commits these crimes is ANTIFA which is a far left organization which started out as opposition to far right wingers but has been completely taken over by Communists

My goal and the goal of this petition is to hopefully bring attention to these extreme groups and that the ADL will realize the dangers of far left ideologies (Communism in particular). While Communism isn't anti Semitic It teaches hatred against anyone that isn't communist and seek to silence opposition.

Historically Communism has killed many more people that Nazism did yet people nowadays can freely walk around with a USSR flag and say they are a communist! I believe that it is time to stop that and bring attention to these violent and hateful Far left groups!

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