Stop the Killer Lorries and Buses in Malaysia!

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Serious Accidents and Fatalities related to large commercial vehicles are not going down. Rising instead.

Almost all accidents investigated shows the drivers have unacceptable histories of traffic, drugs and other criminal offences.
Driven by profits and time saving, drivers and operators cut many safety corners.

Having unqualified and dangerous people behind wheels of unsafe vehicles is similar to planning for disaster. These are not anymore accidents, but planned incidents, due to negligence.

How many Lorry, Bus, Truck drivers speed over limits in normal roads? How many scarily beat the red in traffic lights?

How many innocent lives have been lost, and how many more need to be lost before a MAJOR REFORM is done on commercial vehicle regulation and implementations take place?

Minister Anthony Loke, reforms needed:

1. SETUP an active, proactive and smart council to oversee Large Commercial vehicle regulations. Not a reactive body to act when its too late.

2. All aged large vehicles to be scrapped. 

3. All commercial vehicle drivers to be given special tracking on driving records, 3 summons and will be taken to court, or issued arrest warrant

4. All large commercial vehicle to have 2 DVR cameras, 1 facing front and 1 facing driver. To act like a black box during investigation. Fine and retract permits to those operators who don't have cameras.

5. Speed limit. No Vehicle more than 2 tonnes should travel more than 90Kph on highways. Lorries, buses and trucks in main highways are doing more than 120Kph regularly.

Minister Anthony Loke, please look into this, if needed lets talk to setup the systems needed to prevent as much as possible accidents related to large commercial vehicles.