The removal of the play whe chart from the school book of our children.

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The father of our nation once said that the future of this nation is in the school bags of our children. If this is still true  let us consider  what type of nation will we produce if what we place in their bags are immoral vices that was created to demoraliz society.  The meaning of culture is said to be a way of life for a people or nation , are we now telling our children that gambling is are way of life because this is what we are sayin if we accept play whe as a part of our culture. It's bad enough that our dear country is being spoiled by evil men and sinner,  with a rum shop or gaming house on every corner along with endless play whe machines. There is no regard for life as our crime rate is out of control and so many other things in this our dear nation that is bring it down, are we to sit by and allow this too to slide I say no way  however I cannot do it alone . Therefore  I call you to make a stand today for the minds of our children for there is and evil agender to destroy their young minds by pushing  this seemly innonce thing into there mind under the pretense that it is  apart of our culture. Play whe my dear people is gambling and it has no place in our children school bags. If we are to raise well rounded citizens for the future of our nation we must put a stop to this evil now. Gambling has destroyed many lives and we must not allowed it to be look upon as something cultural and acceptable by our youth we must call these things by there names and show our displeasure at such a thing being pushed into our youth by people who are supposedly helping to mold there impressionable minds.  Righteousness exalt a nation but sin is a reproach to all men