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To the Government and Parties of New Zealand

This petition is a request to consider the Welfare structure, that is in place, of which we consider, is outdated for the current needs of today.

There is growing dissatisfaction amongst Beneficiaries within all categories of the term, that the cost of living now far exceeds welfare payments we receive. This increasing poverty level not only creates extremely low level living conditions, the long term cost of associated increased health requirements etc., that  will ultimately affect our future generations.

Furthermore, Work & Income staff, who may well be working within tight financial and policy restraints, have developed a culture of constant denial of the rights of New Zealand Citizens most in need. It’s very clear to us, that this culture has created some violent incidents throughout our country.

The signatories of this petition seek the review of an unfair and unrealistic payment and obligation structure.

We further seek a minimum payment that allows us to live at a reasonable standard, one that not only is fair, but is also an annual adjustment similar to that made for superannuates.

There is some key points that have been collated to give an idea on where we see problems within the system. Of which some have been listed below.

·         Rules around relationships and their policies should reflect the law. The act contradicts their policy as of current.

·         The obligations set for Invalids or Sickness type benefits are extreme and of a low living standard.

·         Housing costs have risen to a level when support from MSD has not improved at a basic level before any accommodation assistance is given. We recommend an improvement of the base structure of benefits overall.

·         Actual living costs have risen, such as food and petrol etc, where again the base level of support has not come close to match those increases. An increase in benefits to keep up with the minimal living standard required for today.

·         Eligibility and criteria for people with disabilities procedures and financial assistance improved.

·         An improved system for defining sole care of children when parents separate. Relieve the stress when it’s needed.

·         A review on permanent disability and its review status. Not everyone will improve their health or disability.

·         A review on working part time and thresholds as living costs has increased. Giving more incentive for people to find work.

·         A review on Childcare costs and low wages decrease any incentive to find work.

·         WINZ case workers relate their obligations and entitlements to beneficiaries without prejudice and be non judgemental.

We ask that you talk to the people that matter, those that live it every day to understand the difficulty that is set by an outdated system.  It is clearly last century’s methods and rules.

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