An End to Police Brutality

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Our issue is police brutality, and one past action that has been taken to solve this issue is body cameras. The DOJ funded 20 million dollars of body cams so that they could monitor all officers at all times. But because of lack of rules, officers could pretty much turn them off whenever they wished. Also any footage that they capture is public record, allowing anyone to obtain the footage and view sensitive information. Another action that’s been taken is the Black Lives Matter movement. Started by Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors, this movement initiates marches and other events, with the goal of raising awareness about police brutality directed towards African Americans, to give hope that one day we will fix this issue, and to shed light on how police treat African Americans. This has been successful, but only to a point, because the movement hasn’t actually change any major laws. The action that we will take has the same goal in mind and wants the same thing, but instead of trying to instill hope or make officers more responsible, we are going to go directly to the source and make officers feel safer.

We noticed that a lot of these incidents occur because police officers overreact to a situation, and become nervous and or scared. Causing them to act irresponsibly. So our plan is to send a petition to Anne Kirkpatrick, the head of police. Our petition will try to get the police department to re-implement the buddy system. The buddy system puts two officers in one squad car, instead of the usual one per car. Having a partner and knowing that their partner would have their back would make both of the officers feel safer, and because of that, the risk of officers acting irresponsibly would be severely decreased. We would know if our action was successful based off two things. Number 1 being the amount of people that agree with us, showing up in the quantity of signatures; and Number 2 being the positivity of the response that we get from Anne Kirkpatrick.

To spread publicity for our petition we are going to start a social media campaign, and in the comments of the posts we will have a link that brings you to the website that lets you sign the petition. We chose social media because almost everybody is on it, allowing us to reach a larger crowd. To make the media campaign even more successful, we are going to have our parents also post the petition, allowing us to reach their social groups. Not only will this boost the number of signatures, but it will also extend the age range of our signatures, which will help to prove credibility.

Police brutality is a big issue that is affecting our world more and more, and if you sign our petition to re-implement the buddy system. You will help, and be apart of an important step taken to ending it.


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