Princess Diaries 3 (aka The Queen's Diaries)

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we last left off with amelia mignonette grimaldi thermopolis renaldo  coronated queen of genovia and had a promising love story with nicholas after rejecting to marry andrew after parliament was being hella sexist.

this leaves so many questions! how is genovia going now run by mia? is she an admired queen? is she still with nicholas? if so are they married or is she an independent queen that needs no man? has she had kids and passed on the blood line? how's her grandmother and joe? how is her younger half brother coping with being related to a queen but not being royalty himself? more importantly is fat louis still kicking on?

it's been 14 years and we need another movie. i'm thinking "the queens diaries" (all royalties reserved to me).

i have already messaged anne hathaway and disney on instagram. #queendiaries get that trending guys!