Get Back Painted Caps

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The students at South River have been able to decorate their Graduation Caps in all the years prior to 2018. The new formality dictated by the Board of Education prohibits students from decorating our Graduation Caps. The change the Board of Education is forcing on us takes away our individuality. Now we will be in a sea of Columbia blue with no way of telling who we are from a distance. What once was a fun and exciting way to end one chapter of our lives has now been brutally stripped away, leaving us inevitably naked and overly uniform on a day that is supposed to be special to each and every one of us. Our parents cannot simply point to us and say "Oh, there's Sue" when we all look like the uniform and dully capped students we are forced to display now. Turned to a ceremony of guessing until our names are called to walk across the stage, we will be sitting there for hours, shedding no individuality or pride on the four years we spent sculpting the precursor of our adult lives. Some kids have been looking forward to decorating their caps all of High School. It gives us a chance to show everyone who we are and in some cases what our future is going to be. It gets us excited about our future! It reminds us of our accomplishments! It liberates us from high school and takes us to our future! Taking this away from us is completely unfair, especially to those who were excited to finally get the opportunity. Without the ability to show a little personality to our Caps, who is to say we aren't just all the same old stereotyped uncaring high school student? I say we are each individual students longing to look to the future and make our mark on our high school. Allowing us to decorate our caps isn't just an artsy tradition completed to monopolize the ceremony like some insubordinate, belligerent beasts, it is a way to allow us to personalize and show respect on our accomplishments and excitement about our budding adult lives. 

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