Save Masjad-e-Taqwa Bald Hills

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 Public Notice

We feel that it is our moral duty to inform general public attending the Bald Hills Mosque at Bald Hills, Qld, that there are serious issues with grave consequences for the Bald Hills Mosque due to the serious misconduct and bad management by the current board of directors of the mosque.

The current board of directors includes

Haji Mahmood
Dr Rizvi
Haji Shiraz

The mosque is being used as a personal property by the current board of directors and they do not feel that they are answerable to anyone. There are issues related to illegal modifications inside the mosque which have no approval from the council and yet this board of directors never bothered to inform their donors. These un-approved modifications can have dire consequences for the mosque as a public place for worshipping. If any situation arises where the mosque gets a legal notice these directors will use the mosque funds to defend it in the court. They have done it in the past and people know about it.

We have never seen Dr Rizvi or Shiraz at the mosque and we were asked to wait for 4 weeks before they could give 10 minutes of their time on the phone and yet they nominate themselves as the people capable of running mosque’s affairs.  Dr Rizvi lives in Kuraby and Shiraz in Holland Park.

 This is a fact that the current governing body structure was changed few years ago without general public knowledge and consent and the current board nominated themselves as directors. 

Haji Mehmood has been approached regarding these issues and for some unknown reasons is not willing to go ahead and resolve these issues immediately.

There is a strong feeling amongst the general public that the mosque is being run by a ‘particular’ ethnic group who are not at all willing to let anyone else do anything for the mosque. This is against the very spirit of Islam yet it is being implemented by these directors.

We are not doing anything behind anyone’s back and demand that

1)the current board of directors is dismissed and a meeting is called upon immediately IN THE MOSQUE with general public in attendance, where people could ask questions from the board of directors and demand that a new board is made through the nominations of people attending this mosque.

2) a copy of auditing accounts and constitution to be available to general public on masjid's website and hard copy available to view by next Wednesday.

They have 3 working days (until 16th of May) to act upon above demands or we will have no options but to report "breach of directors duties" to the Federal Government. This will certainly bring a shame to all of us as a wider community and the only people responsible for this will be these directors. Thanks.



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