Keep Chinese 1, Japanese 1, French 1, and Spanish 1 Available for Class of 2022!

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The rumors are true - our relatively new principal, Dr. Bonitatibus, has decided to not only take away the option of taking Japanese 1, but has also removed the opportunity to take Chinese 1, Spanish 1, and French 1. These classes, as you may have guessed, are introductory level and provide a fantastic opportunity for heritage and non-heritage speakers alike to immerse themselves in another culture and language, or to engage with one that they belong to, but would nonetheless love to explore it in an academic setting among peers with similar interests. It should also be noted that when level 1 classes are taken away, the entire programs suffer - everyone is affected.

Without this diverse variety of languages taught by lovely, lively, and CHILL teachers, TJ will never be the same and will lose much of the spark that make the long days and nights bearable - we, current TJ students, wish for all TJ students to be able to enjoy and to choose from all seven (7) language options, as well as the fun clubs that those who care about the language build and take part in together.

Much thank you to TJ's Japanese program for standing up to fight first and giving us the idea to create a petition! We encourage you to also sign theirs here.

Just as the Japanese students encourage in their petition, please email Dr. Bonitatibus ( and/or Mr. Kosatka ( if you feel (even a little!) that TJ must keep its Chinese 1, Japanese 1, French 1, and Spanish 1 classes available.

If you have any questions, please message Serena Xia or Brenna Courtney on Messenger. Thank you so much for your help!