Anjali Kausar Must Step Down from CUSD School Board

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Anjali Kausar Must Step Down from CUSD School Board

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Carrie O'Leary started this petition to Cupertino Union School District Governing Board Member Anjali Kausar and

The ethical obligation of CUSD Board of Education member Anjali Kausar to serve the public interest must not be compromised by competing responsibilities to special interest groups, nor by her position as the CEO of the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce.  To eliminate conflicts of interests from these conflicting positions, we call upon Anjali Kausar to step down from her position on the CUSD Board of Education.       

Facts and Issues:  

As an elected official, Anjali Kausar must not use her CUSD Board Member position to influence a governmental decision in which she has a conflict of interest.

In her role as elected Trustee of CUSD's School Board, Anjali Kausar must ensure that her decisions are in the best interest of the district and the public. Kausar's active promotion of Measure D on behalf of the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce, while using her school board credentials, exposed her deep conflict of interest and ethical failing.

  • A direct mailer featuring Kausar’s photo circulated widely during the election cycle.  On the mailer, she made an appeal to support Measure D using her titles “CEO - Chamber of Commerce” and “Local School Board Trustee.” (flyer sent to Cupertino residents promoting developer-sponsored ballot measure)
  • Another mailer promoting Measure D, paid for by the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce PAC (of which Ms. Kausar is the CEO), featured a message to vote against one CUSD Board candidate. (link to flyer)

  • "The FPPC's basic rule regarding Conflicts of Interest for CA School Board members is that a public official may not make, participate in, or influence a governmental decision that will have a reasonably foreseeable material financial effect on the official, the official’s immediate family, or any of the official’s economic interests." (link to Conflict of Interest Codes for CA School Board Members)

  • As a CUSD board member, Anjali Kausar voted to support the Vallco redevelopment. She also participated in a closed session meeting with the developer.
  • As a real estate agent who works for the Intero office that represents Sandhill's development of Vallco, it seems that Mrs. Kauser has a lot to gain in acting against the Conflict of Interest rules that pertain to her role as School Board Member. (link to Ms. Kausar's Intero Real Estate Office)

  • Ms. Kausar violated Board Policy 9010 by endorsing Measure D without getting the full board approval for her to do so. (link to CUSD School Board Bylaws)
  • Ms. Kausar violated the contract terms for the Vallco donation to CUSD, terms which prevented Sand Hill from using any statements from the board members without permission of the District. (refer to page 7 of the agreement,

Anjali Kausar cannot faithfully execute her duties as an elected official while she is also CEO of the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce. We call on Anjali Kausar to do the right thing.  Embrace sound ethical standards. Resolve this conflict of interest.

Anjali Kausar:  Step down as a CUSD Board member.


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This petition had 2,006 supporters

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