Help The Bishopscourt Cats

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Bishopscourt is a small rural estate in Co.Down - It has a long running issue with feral and semi-feral cats. Last year a Trap Neuter Release was organised with Cats Protection but those facilitating it received shocking threats and abuse n relation to the work that they were doing, religious beliefs and sexual orientation, sadly only a handful of cats got the treatment they needed and one had to be euthanised due to FIV FeLV. Now another animal rescue has stepped in to help and is again receiving resistance from the local residents. The residents claim to "own" the cats refusing to let rescues step in meanwhile the cats are left wandering from house to house seeking food, not receiving proper medical treatment, suffering and reproducing. This is not acceptable and despite several complaints to animal welfare authorities nothing is being done. It is time the relevant authorities from Down District Council stepped in and ensured that the work regarding these cats is allowed to take place without disruption and justice be served appropriately.