Save the animals in Saigon.

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Myself and my friend Lauren visited Saigon zoo and botanical gardens and were horrified at what we saw. Firstly we witnessed three black bears being woken from there sleep by a zookeeper shouting at them and banging hard on the fence with a rock to make then move all for the amusement of the visitors. Then we saw elephants being kept in the smallest space, one elephant didn't even have enough room to be able to turn around and there were three other elephants together with again little to no room. We saw a hippo in a bath of water which was definitely not of adequate size for such an animal and ostriches and camels with little to no hair, the hair they did have left was left in a mangled mess. There were also some huge birds including peacocks that were kept with atleast another 5 with barely enough room to open up there feathers. We saw an ape that had what looked like a huge tumour on its bottom and a dog tied up by a short metal chain. This was all within 30 minutes so I'd hate to know how the animals are being treated the rest of the time, especially when all of the guests have left. 

These animals need to be rehabilitated by someone who cares and has the knowledge needed to look after them, hopefully being able to return the animals to there natural habitats eventually.

I'm hoping you guys will take the time to sign this petition and make a change because we couldn't sit back after seeing this and not try to help in some way. Unfortunately these animals cannot speak for themselves so we have to do this for them.