Vets and veterinary staff to be held accountable for unnecessary death of animals.

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I am starting this petition after the death of our family dog Woody after a routine operation. Woody was admitted for a routine castration in Feb 18. I received a call that afternoon saying Woody was out from theatre, very sleepy but should be fine by the time we went to collect him at 5.15 that evening. I got to the vets around 5 and sat waiting to collect him. At nearly 6pm I was called into the room and shocked not to see Woody there. I could instantly see by the nurses face that something was wrong. The nurse explained that they went to collect Woody to bring him to me and he was flat, very pale gummed and unwilling to stand, she explained they had taken Woody to be put on fluids and I was to return home and they would phone at 8 and hopefully Woody had improved. The journey home I felt ill, I knew by the look on the nurses face something had gone wrong but everyone was telling me its common after anesthetic and not to worry to much. I received a phone call at around 7 45 from a trauma surgeon that had just come onto shift at 7pm. She explained soon as she see Woody she could see his stomach was distended and carried out emergency scan which showed massive internal bleeding and she would be taking him straight into surgery. I knew then something had gone terribly wrong. At around 9 45 I received a call saying Woody had died in surgery at 9.30. The surgeon explained that both ligatures placed on Woody during castration had come off and she could not find them in his stomach at that time. Our family was in shock and devasted but agreed to go collect Woody in the morning to bring him home to bury him. The next morning we met with the head vet of the surgery and I could also see he was very nervous trying to explain what had gone on during that previous day. I asked for all original paperwork to be brought to me and it was then I started to realise that something was just not right but collecting Woody and bringing him home for the last time was all we could think about so we left the vet with our beautiful boy. Me, my children and family spent the day saying our goodbyes to our best friend all completely devasted and heartbroken. After going over the paperwork I phoned vet asking why Woodys aftercare sheet was not filled in until he was found collapsed and I was asked to the vets for a meeting. After all the meeting I can tell you what we now know. After I researched and questioned what ligatures they used I was told the surgeon who performed Woodys operation used ligatures that the vets have admitted were not ideal for a dog of Woodys size being over 40kg , this is why they both come loose causing Woody to start internally bleeding. I was told Woody was acting like he was desperate for the toilet not long after coming out of his operation, they have cctv footage of Woody walking around the garden which I cannot bring myself to watch, I did however think to question did Woody go to the toilet to which they replyed NO, I asked instantly was this not a worry to them to which no reply. Woody was then put back in a walk in kennel because of his size. After this no one can tell me anything about his aftercare until they went to get him for me. Woody had no femoral pulses and was unresponsive when I was in the waiting room, if they had told me this I would never have left. Woody was then put on a drip in the kennel and left with a kennel assistant until a surgeon came onto duty. I questioned why for two hours he was left in kennel like this, where was the surgeon why couldnt anyone see his stomach was distended or do the scan and bloods to save the trauma surgeon lifesaving time. I was told Woody had to be put on fluids to make him strong enough for another surgery, but after speaking to the truama surgeon she told me that this drip was not even working and it took her another 45 mins to get a vein before she could start surgery. The trauma surgeon did show me compassion, she explained that I must question not only the surgery but also the aftercare. She said Woody would have become ill over the course of several hours and why was this not seen. I have spoken to the RVCS who are opening an investigation but they have told me this would need to happen to several animals before much was done. Im starting this petition because I cannot believe this lack of care can be acceptable, Woody would be here if the correct ligatures were used, especially after it had been noted he had big arteries and was bleeding alot because of this, then to be put in a kennel and not watched closely, Woody care that day was horrendous and he wasnt just let down by one person but the whole days care. I hope whoever is reading this never has to feel the way I do, I feel guilt for taking Woody to that vet, even though I trusted them, I feel guilt for leaving him there a second time not knowing what was going on, but most of all the pain of knowing my lovely Woody who loved everyone spent his last day in this world scared and lonely. I know animals dont have the same rights as humans but this kind of treatment surely cannot go on. Woody should be here today if people had just done there jobs correctly. In surgery why would you use anything other than ideal and to then have no aftercare I just dont understand. Woody was not old or ill, he was not treated properly in the hands of people I trusted and sadly died because of this. I know most vets do an amazing job and I know all operations have a risk but in cases like this I really do think something needs to be changed. For anyone reading this I think you would have to imagine that its your family pet or someone close to even begin to imagine how I feel. I cannot bring Woody back but I hope that something can change for all the lovely animals that are still with us and part of our familys. Animals have hearts just like us but they dont have a voice. I will miss Woody for the rest of my life. Please sign my petition, Thankyou x