Harsher penalties for animal abusers in NSW

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We DEMAND harsher penalties for animal abusers in New South Wales.

Penalties must be harsher and these need to be enforced! For too long irresponsible pet owners and puppy mill breeders have escaped with minimum, lenient sentences which do not reflect the severity of the crimes they have committed. 

The following actions will work towards protecting vulnerable animals. 

  • Abusers who have an animal die in their care as a result of their neglect or mistreatment will receive a life time ban on owning a pet. This includes animals that are euthanised due to complications arising from neglect. 
  • Maximum penalties must be enforced for each count of abuse, including fines and jail time (not lenient community service punishments). 
  • Where puppy mill breeders neglect animals they must receive penalties for each and every count of abuse. 

The NSW Animal Welfare Action Plan is currently in a development consultation period. Let them hear us loud and clear!