Stop slaughtering male chicks in the egg industry!

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Male baby chicks are considered "worthless" or "waste products" to the meat and egg industry. Most male chicks only have one day of life and once it is found out that they are male and will never lay eggs, they are deemed worthless and are slaughtered either by being shredded alive or by being tossed into a bin bag and suffocating to death.

Billions of male chicks worldwide are being mindlessly killed in this way in ALL egg farming systems including "free range" and "organic" - Don't be fooled by the label!

This needs to stop. NOW!

Even when chicks are bought directly from the hatcheries, you may be saving one, however, this is directly funding and financially supporting those who are responsible for a whole host of staggeringly cruel practices-Including the maceration and suffocation of billions of male baby chicks-6 billion globally every year!

Chickens bred for egg laying lay their entire body weight in eggs every 24 to 30 days (during prime laying period.) The weight of each egg, in proportion to the weight of then hen, is comparable to the weight of a human newborn, and anyone who has observed a hen straining and pushing to lay an egg for hours can easily liken to a human mother going through labour. The fact is that these birds are irreparably harmed by the selective breeding that has forced them to lay an unnatural and unhealthy number of eggs-between 250 and 300 a year- resulting in a host of painful and life-threatening reproductive diseases and premature death.

Please see @free_from_harm's approach.

So how can we resolve this?

Although it will be difficult, perhaps we could help to strive and make this kind of unethical and unnecessary slaughtering illegal!

There are other ways to handle this situation and killing is not one of them.

What would be the consequences if this was a human women giving birth and all of her sons were taken to be slaughtered alive whilst her daughters would grow up to fulfill her mother's endless suffering and for this to continue through generations and generations?