Support the SACA cats seized by animal protection services without a justified reason

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On January 9 of 2019 Dolores LaPlante, the director of Sask Alley Cat's Association, was awoken to her door being busted down by Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan and her animals seized. A vague article written by Global news portrays that these animals were in distress because living conditions were not ideal. However, the alternative for most of these cats living in her home was certain death in the cold. Animal Protection Service's were not interested in helping these animals when they needed it so Alley Cats stepped in to help these cats that the Animal Protection Services personnel initially turned a blind eye to because they were "full." 

Sask Alley Cats's Association is a cat rescue that takes in cats from all over Saskatchewan. They do the best they can with the resources they have and the reality is they do not have as many foster homes as they would like. They are in the beggining stages of implementing a permenent shelter for these cats in the summer of 2019. The reality of the situation is simple. These cats may have not been living in single cat homes where they could thrive but they were warm, fed, and loved. 

Many of the cats seized have issues and could be deemed "unadoptable" resulting in the animals being euthanized before Delores can do anything. The main purpose of this petition is to show our support for SACA and ensure that NONE of the animals seized from her home will be euthanized or adopted.