End Poaching!

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Stop Poaching

During summer, I went to South Africa, it was beautiful, the sea was amazing, we saw whales in the ocean and animals in the safari, we saw cheetahs, leopards, lions but one of the animals we didn’t see, was the black rhino, the reason we didn’t see it was because they are a critically endangered because they are being poached for their horns. Poaching is when you illegally kill an animals for its body parts, then many people take their valuable body parts and sell them on the black market or dark web for a great deal of money. South Africa’s problem is not pollution or over population, it is poaching. Poaching has become a big problem in South Africa and many other places. Animals are being poached because of their horns tusks or fur. Many animals are endangered due to poaching.

Stopping poaching is not as easy as it seems. In 2011, 1 out of 12 elephants were killed by poachers, and from 2010 to 2011, 100,000 elephants were killed due to poaching in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Elephants are the most commonly poached animal, they are poached for their Ivory, which is a very durable and valuable item. But even efforts from non-profit groups such as the anti-poaching foundation, poaching still continues. I think that people should stop poaching these animals because if they want to continue seeing them majestic animals, you should help stop poaching, because if you don't, they will go extinct, and you'll never see them again.

There are three ways people are using to try to stop ivory trade, firstly, people are 3D printing the exact same product, if there are lots of 3D printed ivory, then the demand for ivory would decrease and people would not risk their lives to kill rhinos or elephants for Ivory. Secondly, in South Africa, some Rhinos are fitted with GPS and thirdly, a special ink is injected into their horns. This ruins the horns medical use and makes illegal ivory easy to spot. I think that poaching is something that must be stopped and is still is affecting our world, poachers killing these innocent animals just for money. Do you think that it is really worth it? Ending an animal’s for it’s body parts, then selling them, is it worth a life? NO!

In conclusion, poaching cannot be tolerated anywhere and shall be stopped once
and for all. To help out, please sign my petition or you can also donate to wildlife organizations and spread the word, volunteer with the with the International Anti-poaching Foundation and learn more about anti-poaching techniques.