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Remove 'Dog/Cat Space capsule Carrier' from the market

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If you are unsure what this pet product is click the link to see one for sale on Amazon: Space Capsule dog and cat backpack carrier

These seem to be fairly new products to hit the UK market. Designed to carry your cat or small dog around, these rucksacks confine the animal into an extremely small space, with a tiny half dome shaped window with around 4 punctured holes for the animal to breathe. 

Whilst not yet illegal to keep animals trapped inside a car, there is a wealth of evidence that indicate cases of fatality when keeping animals in cars, on hot days especially, due to dehydration and severe heatstroke. Whilst this product has 4 holes to breathe, and a slight mesh lining to allow some air through on the side of the bag, these seem to be inadequate measures to ensure plenty of oxygen and to maintain a safe temperature. Thus, could be considered no different to the dangers and outcomes of leaving an animal in a car, where many die. 

In addition to the technical complaints, there are also ethical points to consider; animals kept in such a confined space, travelling backwards for, what some people may use, hours; and as summer approaches and temperatures reach well above 25 degrees, animals are essential trapped in sweltering heat and discomfort. It seems obvious that this pet rucksack represents a product that is both dangerous and cruel to animals. 

To summarise: Confined for hours, confused by the motion as they travel backwards and in a manner extremely different to what they may be used to when in a travel box going to see a vet; limited air flow and zero temperature control - this screams animal abuse and careless consideration on both the manufacturer and pet owners behalf. 

Fundamentally, this is a pet owners fashion accessory. Whilst some pet owners may use the product as a short term travelling accessory, the description says suitable for 'hiking' - so marketed as suitable to have a pet in the bag for hours - hours a dog could be walking but is instead trapped in a racksack. It is also aimed for pet owners who are 'always on the go' - begs the question: why are people carrying their cat/dog around during their 'on the go' busy days, and why can't their dog be allowed to walk as dogs commonly like to, need to and are designed to do? 

This is not a suitable measure of an animal who may have physical problems, and should be seeking professional vet advice, not buying a rucksack. 

Please sign this petition if you also believe this product is cruel, unsafe and inconsiderate toward animals, and should be banned or removed from the market. 

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