Make Facebook stop allowing animal abuse photos and videos

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I see I am not the only one who is disgusted by all the abuse of dog videos and photos being passed amongst Facebook. Facebook however doesn’t seem to care. No matter how many times it’s reported they say it doesn’t go against their policy. I’d love to start some kind of movement to have them permanently remove these images from Facebook. Children as young as 13 can have Facebook accounts, and as the mother of one, I don’t want images of dogs being skinned alive, burned by blow torches, beaten by baseball bats, and hung by the neck while killed to be visible to me let alone my child. Please sign the petition so that Mark Zuckerberg will reconsider his reporting of images procedures and stop telling us that these images don’t violate any policy and that they are ok to share, because they are not. Help me make them understand it’s not ok to share abuse!

You’re not doing anything to help the problem. Most of these videos or photos are either taken in other countries, or buy some truly sick individuals in the states. No one can bear to look at the photos long enough to try to track the idiots down. I’m sure 100% of people on my friends list are truly disturbed and disgusted by the pictures and want the people caught, but viewing it doesn’t do anything other than leave images in our brains we can erase. I would suggest tagging your local law enforcement agency, HSUS, SPCA, PETA and any other organization you can think of, no matter how much you may like or dislike them who possibly have the ability to try to track them down, find them and prosecute.


It’s only doing what the Perpetrators want you to do.

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