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Campaign to boycott (Anheuser-Busch) Bud Light T.H.O.T Juice 


My name is Tammie Williams and I am a 32 year old Project Director of the African Center for Community Empowerment (ACCE) 501© Girls Providing Resources for Improvement Dignity and Empowerment (PRIDE) Project. I was shocked when a community resident told me about a drink geared towards young people called T.H.O.T Juice. He was very upset and feared the negative impact this drink can have on young women, who already are labeled and demeaned everyday.

My colleague, Monique Hardial, a 32 year old founder of an organization called Women Leading Empowering and Advocating for Progressive Change in their Community (Women L.E.A.P) works alongside Girls PRIDE to empower our girls and women to become active participants in the civic engagement process and go into roles of leadership within government and corporations.  TOGETHER WE ARE COMMITTED TO ENDING THIS DESTRUCTIVE PRACTICE OF SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF OUR MOST VULNERABLE POPULATION and THE PERPETUATION of GENDER STEREOTYPES and SEXUAL ATTACKS AGAINST WOMEN.

 Gender inequality is inherent within the structure of major social institutions. As consumers, women contribute the most to the American economy, yet the media, music, and advertisements play roles in the sexist and demeaning ways we think about and treat women—all to appease men.  We hear it in song lyrics, watch it on TV, and view it on social media.  As a result of our interviews with young women, these images convey powerful messages about women’s roles, their sexual and gender identities, and their self-concepts.  Images of women conveyed by the dominant culture are often based on distortions and stereotypes that legitimize the status quo. At the same time they falsely represent the actual experiences of women in society. Disadvantaged or marginalized or even oppressed girls and women are further oppressed by lack of exposure to possibilities and lack of support and resources. The girls targeted are at higher risk of falling off track, especially when faced with the pressures to fit the mold of a certain type of woman. 

 Girls PRIDE Project was established to bolster the self-esteem of our young women who are under constant attack by the media and corporations who exploit the sexualization of our girls for a profit. 

 The most recent attack against women comes from the multi-million dollar company, Anheuser-Busch, which has committed more than 930 million dollars in National advertising campaigns.  One such campaign is for the distribution of their latest product called, "BudLight Lime T.H.O.T."  

The urban dictionary defines the word T.H.O.T as meaning THAT HOE OVER THERE!  This urban slang, according to the urban dictionary, originated from Chicago and made popular by rapper Chief Keef.  Bud Light Lime's current marketing and advertising campaign is attempting to appeal to urban communities by branding their new alcoholic beverage as T.H.O.T JUICE, with flavors in Lime-A-Rita, Straw-BER-Rita, etc. 

 Besides the use of a derogatory word to describe women, it is even more appalling because it targets young children who are drawn in by the term juice and the sweet enticing flavors advertised. Bud Light Lime is conditioning our young boys and men to perpetuate stereotypes and crimes against women by promoting a product that finds it acceptable to demean women by calling them hoes.

 We ask that you stand up for women's rights and stop the sexual exploitation and degradation of women in the media, music and advertisements! SIGN our petition and let's stop the attack on our young girls and women.

 Sinerely yours,



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