Stop the Mycoplasma Bovis mass culling of cattle in New Zealand

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This petition is to show the New Zealand Government and MPI that we don't support their decision to mass cull cattle due to Mycoplasma Bovis.

The culling of so many cattle is unnecessary - some cattle haven't tested positive and their owners have been told that they need to be culled. Why when they are healthy in all other ways and show no symptoms?! Why cull a high producing cow who is happy within herself, when they can't say for sure that she is positive for Mycoplasma Bovis?

The Government and MPI have had their time to do more, people are losing faith and hope in their abilities to sort this out. Instead of getting better, it's getting worse and there are far more infected herds then they anticipated or expected.

Leave the cattle alone and let the farmers do what they know - they know their cattle better then any government or MPI person does. The farmers know which cattle will need to be culled due to symptoms. Let the farmers work towards managing this disease as many other countries have/are.