Call on the SCSU to allow Anup Atwal’s Campaign to run again for SCSU President

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As of midnight last night, February 5, 2019, Anup Atwal’s campaign was suspended. The reason why it was suspended was due to remarks made during the latest student president debate regarding the actions of Political Science director Raymond Dang in relation to funding of the Woman and Transgender centre and only allowing favourable media coverage and outlets to cover the SCSU general meetings. Anup had the courage to call out the corruption and hypocrisy of the SCSU in regards to this matter. He has openly spoken out against the lack of transparency in regards to the SCSU and it’s funding and the many other issues facing it. He is the right man for the job and deserves to have his campaign back. The exact quote from the debate is attached above.

“and why are student journalists being attacked when Raymond Dang does not like the media coverage his motions are receiving?"- Anup Atwal, last SCSU Board Meeting

So, I Andy St.John and the other like minded students of UTSC who have signed this petition call upon the SCSU to allow Anup to run again. The SCSU has become increasingly undemocratic in allowing one campgain to run and to favour one group undemocratic as they have done in the past. They are also doing censorship and showing they are guilty in the issues they have committed by attempting to silence it. It’s time to stop this. If you wish for more info please message me or Anup. It's time to stop, SCSU.