Keep Quad Webb-Lunceford From Returning to 'Married to Medicine' Season 7

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Quad Webb-Lunceford is very messy woman, who has fooled viewers for several seasons with a fake marriage. She maliciously presented a marriage sham storyline for the purpose of remaining on the show. She's currently going through a divorce. And once her divorce is final, she will serve no purpose on a show that centers around medical couples. Miss Quad is manipulative and a liar to 1) Defraud the viewers and 2) manufacture fake drama for a storyline. 

Keeping a proven liar on 'Married to Medicine' will cause the ratings to decline and adversely affect the show's success and popularity. BRAVO and Andy Cohen, we respectively ask that you do not bring Quad back to the cast, in order to ensure the success of 'Married to Medicine'.