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Breonna Taylor, One Year Later

Loralei HoJay
New York, NY, United States

Mar 13, 2021 — 

It has been one year since the tragic death of Breonna Taylor.

On the eve of the anniversary of her death, my team and I have reconstructed our call tool to allow all of you to easily and directly connect to the offices of your state’s federal representatives and senators:

If you enter your zip code, email, and phone number into the tool, the tool will connect you to your state-specific elected officials — as we continue to push for federal legislation that restricts no-knock warrants (such as the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act and George Floyd Justice in Policing Act), your support is absolutely essential. Please make the time. Please make the calls. Please be present, show our elected officials that Breonna Taylor’s life mattered, and that even one full year after her death, we are still here.

Ask your elected official to support the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act in Congress.

I want to thank you all for fighting with me, for fighting alongside her family and all those who loved Breonna, for remembering her name. What happened to her was cruel, it was unjust — and I cannot thank you enough for standing up in the face of injustice.

I know that the events of the past year have been difficult, challenging, discouraging — but we had victories, too. We pushed for the FBI to investigate her case, Breonna’s Law was passed in Kentucky, no-knock warrants were banned in several states, the federal Justice for Breonna Taylor Act was drafted and introduced to Congress — perhaps most importantly, we screamed her name.

The death of Breonna Taylor was one that truly resulted from a systemic failure. Personally, I feel that holding the officers responsible accountable is only a first step — legislation that restricts police raids and unconstitutional warrants is what is necessary to achieve true justice in this case, to ensure that what happened to Breonna never happens again.

The first error was committed by Officer Joshua Jaynes; he lied to obtain the no-knock warrant on Breonna’s residence. For those who are unfamiliar — Officer Jaynes stated to a judge that the Postmaster had said that Breonna was receiving illegal packages at her home; the Postmaster later went on record, testifying that he had never said such a thing, and had never even been in contact with the Louisville police department about Breonna Taylor. It is baffling to me that Officer Jaynes has not been fired, investigated, or even suspended.

The next error — Officers Cosgrove, Hankison, and Mattingly served the no-knock warrant in the middle of the night, out of uniform. Audio from the Breonna Taylor hearings revealed that their neighbors did not hear the officers announce themselves ( It is beyond strange to me, that the Louisville police department policy would ever allow officers to serve a warrant in the dead of night. That is dangerous not only for civilians, but for the officer’s safety as well — it is even stranger that the officers chose to do so out of uniform. The Louisville police department clearly does not have strong policies to protect civilians, as well as officers.

The next error — Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron. The grand jury hearings, as we now know, were biased; the jurors involved came out personally to state that Daniel Cameron did not give the jurors the full scope of the case, or the information and options necessary to indict the officers involved. I’d like to note that Daniel Cameron is a staunch Republican, and a Trump supporter — he has said that he believes “President Trump is best for this country.” Because he is an avid Trump supporter, I have very little faith that political bias did not play a role in Daniel Cameron’s behavior during the investigation into Breonna Taylor’s death.

No-knock warrants have no place in our democracy. I hope that we can achieve justice for Breonna, that some measure of accountability for her death will be found.

As always, thank you all very much. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

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