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Stop Weyco from poisoning elk, deer, humans and our water in cowlitz county.

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Weyerhaeuser has been spraying poison on its timberlands for years now. The harmful effects are noticed by any alert outdoorsman or outdoors woman who spends time on these tree farms. Deer have developed hair loss disease. Elk are ravaged by hoof rot disease. Honey bees are non existent. Fish and crayfish numbers in local streams have dwindled. If we the citizens do not take affirmative action immediately, there will be no deer or elk to teach your children to hunt. There will be no trout and crayfish in the streams to teach your children how to catch. There will be more noticed health effects from individuals who live, work, or play on or near these tree farms. Over 20 years I have witnessed firsthand the devastation to the environment caused by this poisonous aerial spraying of herbicides. Upon clearcutting an area  and planting with baby fir trees, Weyco will deploy helicopters and or small planes to aerially spray multiple poisonous herbicides. These poisons are literally designed in a lab to kill all broad leafed foliage, i.e.: blackberries, alders, maples, and many more. All natural food for deer, elk! However they are also designed to not harm Weyco's genetically altered fir trees. Just imagine agent orange with a little adjustment in the lab. These chemicals are 100% poisonous. If you care about the future of wildlife, water, and personal health of our local citizens please take a second to sign this petition. Thank you for your time and concern. 

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