ASMAR SHLAH - Convicted murderer of Lukas Strasser - Needs to go back behind bars

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The recent public outrage over the coddling of a convicted killer of a little girl in my opinion finally exposed the cruel and unusual punishment innocent victims go through when our justice system caters to criminals and provides comfort and pity to the worst of our society, murderers.  I humbly ask all Canadians to sign our petition which will be sent to the leaders that took Justin Trudeau to task and FORCED the right thing to be done.  My son was murdered by Asmar Shlah and his cowardly friends because my son took offense to ASMAR SHLAH yelling racial slurs, the n-word, the s-word at a bouncer because he was being thrown out of a club for being a loser screaming at a young girl at the coat check.  My son Lukas was a bystander that took offense and told him to cut it out. ASMAR SHLAH then attacked my son when he was standing there with his hands in his pockets.  His friends joined in attacking him, and he eventually struck back and defended himself.  He was saved out front by the bouncers but they unfortunately let him about the back a few minutes later.  ASMAR SHLAH rounded up his friends and one went and got a knife and hid in the back alley while ASMAR SHLAH and his friends went around the other way to attack and kill my son.  He was stabbed 4 times and stomped and kicked.  All of his teeth were knocked out, his jaw and face were broken...  all this while he was apologizing for whatever he had done and begging for his life.  He even begged his attackers to call 911 and they just kept at it.  The testimony in court was that they were treating my son's head like a soccer ball and taking turns.  All the while he is dying and defenseless on the snowy ground, trapped against a wall and a dumpster.  I could go on and on but ASMAR SHLAH was arrested fleeing the scene because a police officer saw his blood soaked foot.  The one he kicks with in soccer. The trial came and long story short, he lied his ass off on the stand to make him look like he wasn't even there, and he also got a bunch of his friends to lie on the stand saying they all saw my son sucker punch him.  Of course the video showed the opposite.  My son defended himself after about a minute or two of a swarming attack.  ASMAR SHLAH WAS CONVICTED AND SENTENCED TO LIFE FOR SECOND DEGREE MURDER.

And this is where I need every Canadian's help, somehow, after the 5th bail hearing (wth do mean bail, he is convicted right!) after a year of serving a minimum 12 year sentence, he was given BAIL to go to the comfort of his home and go to school while he appeals.  THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. We all know about appeals, everyone knows that, what nearly every one I have spoken to thinks is that YOU SIT IN JAIL WHILE YOU APPEAL.  Every Canadian I have spoken to is outraged that this is even possible in our system.  Just like they were outraged about Tori Staffords killer being transferred to a healing lodge instead of prison.  CANADA SHOULD NOT STAND FOR THIS.  This petition will be sent to Andrew Scheer, Michelle Rempel, and Lisa Raitt to let them know that convicted killers, like Terri Lynne Mclintic and ASMAR SHLAH BELONG BEHIND BARS.  All they would need to do is raise it in parliament and let the public know how easy it is for killers of our kids, and how the system disregards victims.  I know we can do it!