Abellio Scotrail: please fire convicted animal abuser Alexander Andrew McGhee

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In January 2019 Alexander Andrew McGhee from Methil, Fife - a ScotRail train driver based at Edinburgh Waverley station  - was found guilty of beating to death his pet rescue dog named Murray. The prolonged attack, which included throwing Murray repeatedly against a wall, caused injuries similar to those of boxers in the ring. McGhee lied throughout his trial but was convicted on all charges.

On 26 February 2019 McGhee was given a community service and banned from being in charge of a dog for 20 years. This is disappointing as the judge could have handed down a six-month prison sentence as well as a lifetime ban on keeping any animal.

In sentencing McGhee, the judge noted that he has never taken responsibility for his actions. Despite the overwhelming evidence against him, not least of all veterinary evidence, McGhee continues to stick to his claim that Murray was hit by a car, which, as the judge noted, demonstrates a total lack of remorse. 

Abellio states on its website that its people are "hugely important to our  business" and that they "bring the best they can to our customers on a daily basis". Alexander McGhee subjected a helpless dog to a brutal attack, attempted to cover up his actions and went on to lie in court. He has demonstrated that he is volatile, violent and untrustworthy. These are not characteristics the paying public would expect to see in a train driver - the safety of passengers is in their hands, after all. 

This case, as you would expect, has received huge publicity both in the press and on social media, and this will only grow in the coming weeks especially now that he has been given such a paltry sentence. 

Today the print media has published Alexander McGhee's profession for the first time after the judge allowed this information to be released. The fact that he works for ScotRail is already common knowledge on social media.

I cannot imagine that a company that takes pride in its reputation would wish to have any association whatsoever with a convicted animal abuser. 

Please do the right thing and dismiss Alexander Andrew McGhee at the earliest opportunity. Let us know when this has been done and we will spread the word that Abellio ScotRail does not consider animal abuse to be a trivial crime and is prepared to make a stand against it.