Stopping imprisoned child abuser to petition for custody and visitation

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Kaiden Starr Rice was brutally assulted by her step mother Marissa Bickford september 21st 2016. This left Kaiden in a coma on life support with a serious traumatic brain injury which later caused her to suffer a major stroke. Kaiden had to learn how to walk, talk and be potty trained all over again. Marissa left Kaiden with a fractured skull leaving her to have her skull plate removed and a prosthetic made. After months of rehab and two major brain surgeries Kaiden finally went home. Now two years later Kaiden still suffers from seizures, she has little to now movement out of her right arm(due to the stroke), she has weakness in her right leg. At this time she’s going though extensive appointments because of the damage done to her right eye during the beating doctors believe she has limited to no vision in her right eye. Kaiden is in a special school for mentally handicap children where she has to have a 1:1 aide because she in completely unsafe to not have an adult right next to at all times. She has a oral fixation due to the Brain injury where everything goes in her mouth even non edible things.  Every three months she goes to get a hormone shot because the combination of her seizure medication and her traumatic brain injury she has developed boobs and pubic hair. This little girl will never be the same. Chances of her ever being a mother are extremely low. Life is going to be very challenging for her to be a functioning adult. At this time marissa(the abuser) has now petitioned to have joint custody of her two biological children so she can have phone contact and visitation in Bedford hill maximum security prison. At the time of her vicious assault on her step daughter her biological daughter witnessed the entire thing leaving her traumatized. Her daughter has gone through excessive amount of therapy. She was diagnosed with PTSD and severe emotional disturbance disorder. For about a year and half after the incident she was extremely violent to her siblings trying to cause harm to them purposely. The slightest raising of a voice will cause her to pee all over herself. After being told by her biological grandmother she would be visiting marissa. Her father had to pull her from her bedroom because she convinced herself she was going to see marissa. She’s completely terrified of marissa. Her daughter is extremely emotionally disturbed due to this woman and now she wants joint custody!!! At the time of the assault she was pregnant with her son. The doctors can not prove it but do believe the amount of stress on him in the womb has caused him to develop much later with walking and talking. When being sentenced the judge told marissa she should never be allowed around a child, not even a dog. Marissa should not ever be allowed around her children because the damage she has done to them. We need to all join together to and make a law to protect these child. We need to fight for these children she ruined 3 children’s lives. She is a selfish monster. What kind of mother wants their children to go to a maximum security prison. This will be detrimental to all the lives that she already ruined