I hope our school can be allocated a crossing guard/police officer to commandeer traffic.

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Riverhead Charter School is the only K-12 Charter School located in Suffolk County on Long Island.  Currently, our school is on a major highway, State Rt. 25.  The speed limit is 50 mph, and there is little to no signage that would indicate that vehicles are entering into a school zone.

Last year, our crossing guard was injured, and he currently remains out of work on disability.  The Riverhead Police department provided us with coverage last year, however due to being understaffed, they aren't able to allocate any additional manpower this year.

There are a lot of politics at play here, and I don't think politics should take precedence over the safety of our students.

To date, I, Raymond J. Ankrum, the school's superintendent has served as the school's crossing guard.  Any solutions/resources that you could allocate would be greatly appreciated.