Return Our Community Mural

Return Our Community Mural

December 12, 2016
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Andrew Lamberty
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Started by Graffiti Ladies


We are the young people of Gdańsk

In 2011 our local art centre Laznia invited British street artist Stik to Gdansk, Poland and asked him to paint a community mural with us. It is called ‘To Skomplikowane’ (‘It’s Complicated’). It was funded by local money and painted on shipping containers. This is the beginning of our story. In 2014 our work went missing from Gdańsk and bits of the mural were later found in Lamberty Gallery in London, some cut in place where Stik figures were holding hands. We were not consulted, neither was Stik or Laznia.

We don't want the work to be used by a stranger for commercial use or to be put up for sale. The artwork we made with Stik was about community and being together but it has been cut up. Now it's about splitting community to make money, a sad symbol of today’s world. We believe that our work can inspire many and give hope for people living where the mural was originally placed. 

We are demanding for the mural to be sent back and we hope that you will do the right thing, Mr Lamberty. 

If you want to support our project:

You can support our work by signing the petition and by sharing our story with your family and friends. Please help us to get our artwork back. We can't do this without your support.


Petition Closed

This petition had 874 supporters

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