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Protect Esposito Nature Trail - Support Zero Development & Connection to Shared Use Path

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NY State’s plan “Alternate F” calls for the urbanization and development of the Esposito Nature Trail to connect to the Shared Use Path on the New NY Bridge (AKA Tappan Zee Bridge) while locals wish to keep it a nature trail exclusively and time is running out! Plan “Alternate F” includes a paved side path that would run alongside the Esposito Trail from the Village Hall to Clinton Avenue, separated by an 18” domed granite median, with a crossover to the “Spur Path” connection for bicycle traffic down by Village Hall on the Trail and major “trailhead” development and construction at the southeast corner of Clinton Avenue and Franklin Street.

The Raymond G. Esposito Trail is a 1-mile-long, gravel trail through several neighborhoods on the Hudson River that occupies the former right-of-way of the Erie Railroads Nyack and Piermont Branch. It is a treasure to the local community and if this plan should proceed as is, we can expect to experience the following:

1. Loss of green space

2. Loss of natural sound barrier that trees provide between the Thruway/ Bridge and community members homes

3. Increased drainage issues with loss of green space

4. Trail will be open to commuters until at least 11pm

5. Seating and lighting will invite visitors to “hang out” until 11pm and beyond

6. Concerns over the Trail being paved beyond the current plan in the future to connect to the Village of Nyack to the north and Piermont and Grandview and beyond to the south

7. Safety, security and maintenance concerns in the area including: increased crime in South Nyack, lack of money to fund additional police officers and to maintain the paved side path including snow removal and salting. (South Nyack WILL have to provide overnight security and maintenance to the trail which will be a cost to tax payers as the State will NOT cover this cost)

We demand that the State of New York, The Thruway Authority, the Department of Transportation and all of our elected officials adopt “Concept F – Refined,” which is a tweak to Plan “Alternate F” by routing cyclists and pedestrians to South Broadway at what will be the closed exit 10 entrance ramp. This tweak:

1. Will keep parking and comfort stations in the interchange and away from homes as the community wanted

2. Will maintain greenspace

3. Will minimize need to adopt costly infrastructure as lighting and pavement are already in place and provides a broader street to traverse that would not need widening

4. Is safer for the community as the SUP access would be next to South Nyack Village Hall/Police Station

5. Is safer for cyclists and pedestrians since the Thruway ramp at South Broadway/Cornelison intersection will be closed

6. Provides more direct access to the business district on South Broadway

Please help us save this last sliver of nature in our community by signing this petition and forwarding it to friends. You can join our newsletter at and our Facebook group Preserve South Nyack.

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