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Justice for Ellyah James Elvidge

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My grandson Ellyah James Elvidge 2 1/2 years old died August 9th 2016 due to the irresponsibility of his mother and her boyfriend. I understand accidents happen but intentionally locking a child in a room without supervision causing his death seems premeditated more than an accident. Patricia Giddings is set to go to court December 21st in Black Brook court house in Ausable Valley. The amount of time they are looking at does not justify what happened to Ellyah. He had his whole life ahead of him and they are only looking at probation and/or 1- 4 years in jail. There is too much of this type of Crime happening in this world to our children. And the person/ persons not being held responsible. The type of punishment does not fit the crime commited. We as adults and parents are suppose to protect and care for these children not lock them away in a room because  we don't have the time or just don't want to deal with them at that moment because of other stuff going in in our life. Please give and support Justice for Ellyah James Elvidge

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