Demand Better Safety Practices and Fare Refunds from the Long Island Railroad

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For years, the riders of the Long Island Railroad have endured mental and physical anguish at the hands of the Long Island Railroad.

It has become commonplace for the trains that thousands of commuters rely on to be delayed, cancelled, or suspended.  Social Media, personal letters, and a current pending class action lawsuit document the extreme ignorance the leaders of the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) have displayed.

The LIRR fabricates excuse after excuse while hours are stolen away from passengers every single day.  These passengers are at risk of losing jobs, losing times with their families, and most importantly, their well-being.

The stress that is placed upon every single commuter is incomprehensible.  Most commuters spend an average of $350 for monthly fares which is realized as finances spent on unreliable infrastructure with no real promise of completing the agreement made, which is to bring a commuter safely from Point A to Point B.

The LIRR commuters have seen time and time again delays due to broken rails, broken switches, shortage of equipment, and trains that need to be brought out of service. 

LIRR commuters also document safety issues, which include, but are not limited to, doors opening above bridges with no platform adjacent to the opening, two trains stopping within feet of each other while faced head to head (inadvertently avoiding a head on collision), passengers being struck on the platform and then dragged alongside, and frighteningly packing each platform with hundreds of passengers.  The latter can cause such overcrowding that people have actually gotten backed up onto escalators that remained moving causing panic and injuries.

The Long Island Railroad is a safety hazard.  The commuters have done everything in their power to warn the company of its issues.  They have shared pictures, written letters, and made phone calls.  All of which have been unanswered.

Our petition is pleading with the Long Island Railroad to investigate these issues.  The commuters are imploring the help from the National Transportation Safety Board to step in and investigate this company which has greedily taken the fares from thousands of commuters and used the money foolishly. 

The commuters of the Long Island Railroad are asking for any help before disaster strikes.  They fear for their lives, they fear for their safety.

The commuters of the Long Island Railroad also ask the company be investigated for fraudulence in the case they have not delivered on their promises to the commuter.  They are often delayed, or stranded and forced to rely on other transportation (subway, bus, taxi, etc…) in lieu of using a fare already paid for to the LIRR.  They ask that refunds be given on days of extreme delays moving forward, and compensation be sought for all the recent delays and cancellations they have weathered thus far.