Charge NY Drug Dealers with Homicide from Heroin Overdose

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On January 3, 2018 our family lost our beloved Angie - a daughter, sister and mother - to an drug overdose. As a result, we have become very concerned about the lack of legislation that combats the heroin epidemic.

Drug addiction is one of the biggest public health problems in this Country with over 20 million people identifying as addicts or former addicts. However, this number does not include the millions of family and friends that are affected by their use. More than 64,000 people died in 2016 from accidental drug overdoses and 2017 is sure to exceed that. The Drug Epidemic is ruining lives and killing so many in this Country and so many here in our local area.

Addicts start out by getting hooked on opiates like OxyContin, Vicodin and Hydrocodone that they get from their Doctors in the way of prescriptions. Once they max out and run out they are left no choice but to turn to the streets to feed their addiction. Often this drives them to lie, cheat and steal from those closest to them because the pills are extremely expensive. Drug dealers who have been selling them the pills also deal other drugs like cocaine, meth and heroin and often push users to change over to heroin as it is much cheaper and faster acting than the pills.

Heroin is now being laced with Fentanyl, a powerful opiate painkiller used intravenously in hospitals, to deliver a stronger high. Heroin users are not being told of the dangers and instead are swayed to used it based on the drugs potency. Shortly after shooting up, the drug stops their breathing and often results in death. Dealers are more than aware of the possibility of dying yet continue to deal and push the much cheaper stronger highs. These dealers have more than likely taken multiple lives and continue to deal these drugs and prey on the weak that have this horrible addiction.

New York State does not currently have a law that would allow police to charge these dealers with homicide if a person overdosed on a substance they dealt them. Sen. George Amedore Jr. sponsored a bill that successfully passed the Senate in June 2015 where it subsequently died in the Assembly. It again passed the Senate in May 2016 where it has then stalled in the Assembly once more.

We are asking for you to sign this petition to help reignite the discussion and do what is necessary to bring Bill A06039 "Laree Law" & "Angie Law" to a passing vote in the Assembly so that it can be delivered to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's desk to sign into law.

As we are still mourning the loss of Angie, our family is still trying to stay strong to be able to work with local law enforcement. Our family and friends will not stop until the people responsible for taking the life of our beloved Angie are prosecuted, convicted and sent to prison where they unfortunately can continue to enjoy their life - while our daughter is gone forever.

The Lawmakers in New York need to come together and openly talk about this problem, not be ashamed, so we can get these dealers off the streets and behind bars where they belong.

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