Change New York State's 3 Strikes Law-I Am Condemned For Mediocre Crimes

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 My name is Dino Caroselli AKA Wayne Horan.

I want to change the 3 strikes law in New York State particularly NYS  Penal Law  § 70.08 and § 70.10 which are the New York State Persistent Felony Offender Laws.  If the Laws were changed I would be a free man today instead of serving  a 65 year to life sentence.  If I am released I will be a productive member of society, willing to work hard and help others and most important be with my family and loved ones. 

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. 

In 1993 I was convicted of 5 crimes (i.e., ATTEMPTED Robbery; ATTEMPTED Aggravated Assault (2 counts); and Criminal Possession of a weapon (2 counts), no one was injured with the exception of myself.  All of those convictions carry a sentence of no more than a 10 to 20 year term of imprisonment (Penal Law § 70.30) but because I had two prior felony convictions, I was sentenced under New York State's 3 strikes law (Penal Law § 70.08) to a term of thirty-five years to life imprisonment.  While serving that sentence,  I was subsequently convicted of a fight with a member of the prison staff who attacked me first and a correction officer who sprained his fingers attempting to break up what he believed to be an assault on staff.  See photographs of me after being assaulted by Officer Volpe and other Officers.

I was sentenced to an additional 30 years to life imprisonment (i.e, 15 years to life for the fight where I attempted  to defend myself from a brutal assault; and 15 years to life for the officer who had sprained his finger intervening).  The total term I must serve is 65 years to life imprisonment, for which I currently served in excess of 25 years with a remaining 40 years before I see the parole board.  I am now over 60 years of age and won't see that parole board unless I live beyond 105 years of age, all at the taxpayers expense.

Evidence clearly shows that continuous incarceration of the elderly, overburdens the taxpayer, when recidivism rates of the elderly are very low.  The taxpayer is not only burdened with paying the cost of incarcerating the elderly, but with paying the cost of their special needs, and extremely high medical costs, in a prison system that is already busting at it's seams. (Link, )  News article on incarcerating the elderly.

President Bill Clinton signed the 3 strike law into effect and now both he and his wife Hillary believe it was a mistake to effectuate that law. See link news articles on the Clinton's wishes to have the 3 strikes law repealed.

Something is wrong when vicious mass murderers receive sentences for their heinous acts of less than half of the term that I must serve-mass murderers and their sentences.

Please sign my petition, and contact Governor Coumo and tell him to stop New York State from wasting taxpayer money and to abolish New York State's 3 strike law.


Moreover, please visit my face book page which shows that I am innocent of the convictions used as a basis to sentence me under the 3 strikes law.