Central Cabarrus High School Remove Suspension From Students' Record

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Two black students at Central Cabarrus High School in Concord, North Carolina resulted in four students getting suspended last month.

Carmani Harris-Jackson and Trinity Smith were handed a two-day in-school suspension after republishing a video on social media of a white student saying the n-word while criticizing gun reform. Additionally, they were being bullied by school administration and the Cabarrus County School Board to keep them from speaking out about the incident and the ongoing racial issues in Cabarrus County Schools. 

Listen to Carmani's story.

Read more about this situation.

Carmani and Trinity should not have received suspensions for exposing the racist comments of the other student.

We; therefore, are asking Andrew Crook, principal of Central Cabarrus High School, to ::

1. Separate Carmani from the young lady who made the racial slur. Carmani currently has a class with the lady who made the racial slur because she is disrupting Carmani's learning environment. 

2. Erase the suspensions from Carmani and Trinity’s school record.

3. Apologize to Carmani and Trinity for his unfair treatment of these two scholars.

4. Hold a school-wide diversity training for students, parents and teachers.