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Save our Lady Northcott and Lady Herron ferries

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We are lovers of these graceful ferries, the ride is exhilarating, comfortable and fun. There is plenty of room to enjoy the harbour from inside or on the deck. As famous Sydney artist Peter Kingston says when they pull up at the wharf there is a beautiful "Whoosh". Many of the rope throwers, captains, regular commuters, tourists and crew love these ferries and we must save them for the Sydney community. Be quick sign this petition to save them as we may only have weeks before they are lost.

We have been reliably informed that the State Government intends to remove from service the remaining two Lady Class ferries (Lady Northcott and Lady Herron) . The first of those to be axed is the Lady Northcott. The Lady Nortcott has been missing from her regular run the past few weeks  and she will not be returning to her scheduled run this week.

We must put the State Government on notice that we do not want these iconic reminders of the glory of harbour transport to be removed from service. The Lady Class ferries are not only timeless reminders of the joys of travelling across our famous harbour, but there are distinct practical reasons why they should be retained. They have large capacities (550 for Lady Herron and 700 for Lady Northcott) that make them ideal for the morning and evening commutes. They also have the unique ability to be operated from both ends such that they are more efficient than newer vessels when arriving at and departing from wharves. The Lady Class ferries also have plenty of outdoor space that make them appealing to commuters on tourist-friendly routes such as Taronga Zoo and Vivid.

Sydney Ferries pays to charter additional vessels from private operators to ensure regular service for commuters. As taxpayers, how can we reconcile those payments with the decision to remove the Lady Class ferries from service? We must let the State Government know that we have a stake in our transport options.

Vessels of equivalent class but much older are travelling in the public transport industry around the world and are a big tourist attraction as well as carrying locals to and from work. Hong Kong has the Star Ferry company that is historic as well as the Staten Island ferry company in the US.

If you are a regular ferry commuter and wish to avoid being placed in a new and more modern salt-encrusted "sardine tin" at peak times then please sign the petition below. Even if you are not a regular commuter, but can recognise the value in saving two 40 year-old icons of our harbour then please sign the petition below.

Before they are lost forever, let us work together to continue to enjoy the harbour from these ferries and savour the “whoosh” as they arrive at our wharves.

Things to know about your Ferries before they are gone forever.

Lady Vessels have the unique ability to be operated from both ends so it is excellent for berthing and turn around times.

They can move 550 (Lady Herron) and 700 (Lady Northcott) passengers, on busy Taronga Zoo services, this includes sometimes up to 80 prams as well as wheelchairs.

They can travel up river as far as Meadowbank Wharf and the Lady Northcott can back up the Manly service when the Manly Ferry breaks down.

They have huge potential for festive times chartering, New Years Eve parade of lights, Cockatoo Island events and Vivid.

They have been servicing the harbour for approximately 40 years. They are part of our harbour and our history.

Daily commuters love these ferries and have expressed that they want to travel on them for many years to come.

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