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North Walpole roads needs upgrading .The road is in an atrocious state and everybody agrees on that.

The shire of Manjimup applied for a clearing permit to upgrade and widen the first section of the road.

Instead of informing the public and carefully planning to avoid tree loss, they did apply for a blanket clearing permit, starting from the South West Coast Highway intersection (Triangle) going north.

The permit area is home to centuries old giant Karri and Marri trees.

The permit was granted and promptly appealed by concerned citizens.

Now the appeal has been upheld for the trees in the triangle at the highway intersection by the Environment Minister.

Credit has to be given to the council that they have seen reason and excluded the trees in the triangle themselves, prior to the Ministers decision.

The other massive trees further north have been allowed to stay in the clearing permit. This means that the huge centuries old trees could be cut down by the council.

The minister has done the right thing and protected four of the trees, but has failed to protect the other irreplaceable trees.

They are potential habitat trees for a threatened bird species and as the law stands, if a tree is not occupied at the time of clearing, it can be cut down without a care that birds could try to come back later.

Our clearing laws are ridiculously weak and permits are mostly being granted, despite all the loss of flora and fauna species everywhere.

With proper signage and a carefully planned road these trees could be saved.

It’s not rocket science and with a bit of goodwill, it can be achieved that we can have a nice safe road and keep our beautiful trees.

This road section is quite iconic for Walpole and the loss of these trees would be quite unacceptable.

Despite the “she’ll be right attitude” of some people, there are not so many big old trees left to be cut down mindlessly.

It would also send a very wrong signal to the hundreds of thousands of tourists who come down to  marvel at our great Walpole Wilderness.

Tell the CEO of the shire ANDREW CAMPBELL and the director of works and services MICHAEL LEERS to do the right thing here and protect these trees so that future generations can still enjoy them.