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Supermarkets should be forced to donate all edible out of date produce

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It has been reported in recent weeks that 1000s of individuals and families up and down our Great Britain are going without food as they simply cannot afford to eat.

In my opinion this a tragedy, but what is worse is that our Supermarkets are allowed to throw away at least 115,000 tonnes of food a year. 

In France it is now illegal to do this! 

Changes are being made up and down the country with Food Banks and Junk Supermarkets opening up, but it is not enough. Supermarkets are labeling the majority of their produce with Best Before and Use By dates far short of where they need to be, playing on our fears and encouraging us to throw away our produce prematurely to buy new. 

I am proposing that all edible goods (excluding meat, fish and dairy), which are not seen to be past their best should have to be donated to a local Food Bank or Junk Supermarket.

Our government need to enforce this on our retailers to help those who simply cannot afford to eat and also encourage the food manufacturers to be entirely accurate when it comes to assessing their Best Before and Use By dates. 

Imagine not being able to feed your children and having to go hungry. Imagine working in a Food Bank and having to turn hungry people away because you've run out of food. Please sign and share this petition and help make a change. Thank you 

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