Jain Tirth Shri Palitana ji to be freed from rowdy elements, thugs, doliwallas

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Dear Community Members,

It has been noted since past several years that Jains' beloved & respected tirth Shri Palitana ji is getting commercialized. The area near Taleti has been illegally occupied by Bhelwallas, Kirana storewallas, Dolliwallas, Auto drivers, Beggars, etc. who are extremely rude and violent in character if yatris don't 'behave' according to their whims & fancies. They spread dirt on our respected Shri Giriraj, and become violent if our Sadhu ji or Sadhviji or any Shravak-Shravika object to their behavior.

This petition is for removing these nuisances from our beloved tirth and protecting purity & sanctity of Shri Palitana ji.