An SOS from Sweden's sick and vulnerable!

An SOS from Sweden's sick and vulnerable!

May 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by FK Upproret

you probably came here from
Where we have the same information i a multitude of languages.
Please read abut what´s happening, and sign our Petition.

Sweden paints a picture to the outside world of being a state with one of the world's best welfare systems, everyone is taken care of.

Here we will show the back of the perfect picture, which is far from perfect. It's scary.

A country where the state completely consciously controls its authority to expose its population, which belongs to the weakest in society, to unlawful abuses, discrimination that is contrary to conventions and laws. Conventions that the state has ratified (i.e. the state has committed to the agreement) and conventions that is a law in Sweden.

This is done completely consciously by the state failing to do something such as. tighten its control of the authority and also not remedy the problems through legislation.

What we want:We want the doctor's responsibility back
We want the civil servant responsibility back
People should have the right to receive the assistance they need
People should be entitled to their money from the date they fall ill
People should not have to die in suicide due to denied compensation
The money intended for health insurance must go there and stay there
Families should not have to sell everything they own and their entire existence
What does the State authority Försäkringskassan do?
Försäkringskassan (hereinafter abbreviated FK) is an authority subordinate to the government and is governed by a regulation letter. What was originally intended as a supporting and assisting authority has now become a state within the state with the permission of the government. It simply went very wrong, which hurts and kills a large number of people today.

FK does not follow laws or guiding judgments, even though they say they do.

FK began to insure confirmed sick people and throws people out of activity and sickness compensation without any laws being changed. This began to happen a lot with the settlement letters that came, with the stated number of sick days per year and the stopping of rampant assistance costs.

Overnight, sick people became healthy, people who had been chronically ill all their lives, people with fatal cancer, all seriously ill were suddenly declared healthy and had to go to the Public Employment Service and look for work. More specifically, what is called Normally occurring work. According to FK: those jobs are: a job where you do not need concentration, no stress, no major achievement, preferably be able to rest whenever you want, lie down and work, etc. The list goes on. There is no stopping here on which fictitious work that FK proposes that the sick person should be able to take, which is then Normally occurring.

All this is happening despite guiding rulings from the Supreme Administrative Court, which clarifies what Normally occurring work is.

They also require so-called objective medical examination findings, which are not even specified in the law.

FK uses threats to get its will through on decisions that are not a bit legally certain.

The threats can be that you lose your sickness benefit, activity compensation or sickness compensation, if you do not do as they say or suggest.

These threats result in people becoming frightened and going to work that they are unable to cope due to their illness or disability. But people get rid of their security in any case. Because they lose their livelihood, which is calculated at SEK 0 from something.

It often ends tragically with suicide due to their decision, which is illegal and has no legal support either. People do not have the strength and take their own lives.

All this is happening right in front of the eyes of the rulers, our government, without them acting.

There are cases described where FK demands that a person who is on a respirator must be taken to the Swedish Public Employment Service for registration, otherwise they will lose their sickness benefit.

People have received rejection decisions after their death, which were then sent home to the surviving relatives.

FK's administrators completely ignore medical certificates and the National Board of Health and Welfare's decision support, which is used by doctors to write certificates.

FK uses so-called Insurance medical advisers (abbreviated FMR) who do not even have exactly those diseases as a specialty. It goes without saying that a gynecologist cannot assess an orthopedic patient.

If you break a leg and it says that in normal cases sick leave 8 weeks full time according to the National Board of Health and Welfare, then the administrator can suddenly say "no I only approve 6 weeks, as I think it should be enough."

It's called quackery.

It is clear that all decisions must be made individually, because all people are different.

It is also clear and unambiguous that if FMR has been used for a decision then its: name, profession and specialty and motivation must be included in the decision.

All of this is in direct conflict with the UN's Human Rights. It is both discrimination, contrary to the right to function and is also torture and abuse of authority.

FK uses its power to threaten people, expose them to psychological torture and discrimination against vulnerable groups.

Now there will be a new law that applies to incitement to suicide, then FK should also be covered by it.

FK says "we only follow the law", which they demonstrably do not do. Everything shows that FK does not follow the law, arbitrarily bases its decisions often even automatically via AI-generated support.

All this is happening before the eyes of the goverment without it being remedied in any way.

It is the government's ultimate responsibility to ensure that the conventions that they have ratified and that are laws in Sweden, are followed towards their own population.

An authority is thus allowed to drive people to their deaths without reaction, despite sharp criticism from supervisory authorities.

What role does the state have in this?
As I said, the state controls the Swedish Social Insurance Agency via settlement letters. FK has received in its regulation letters that the sickness rate should be reduced to 9.0 per year, which resulted in many being insured despite illness in FK's eagerness to do as the government asked.

The results were not long in coming. People became without income even though they were ill.

The consequences of that are horrible; people could no longer pay their bills, became homeless, children became homeless and last but not least many took their lives and take their lives, p.g.a. rejection from FK. This allows the government to do so without action.

The assistance allowance for those in need of assistance shall be reduced. The result: those who had assistance suddenly become without or received fewer hours. Even there there were consequences, people died due to that they did not have the help they needed before.

Parents of children with both tube feeding and / or breathing assistance lost their hours.

It was questioned whether tube feeding and breathing were really a basic need.

Not even there did the government act forcefully, guiding judgments would be expected.

This has been going on for many years now, in recent years it has become a disaster and the rulers close their eyes and blame each other, instead of acting forcefully.

The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is a law in Sweden

One of them is the right to life

During the Corona pandemic, the government has allowed the Swedish Public Health Agency to issue directives on how our elderly people should be treated when they become ill. They have automatically ended up in palliative care, without being consulted or their relatives. Their right to life has simply been taken away.

The government has also removed the doctors' right to assess work ability, an information given to administrators at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

An administrator who has no medical education at all and no medical ID. This has resulted in administrators assessing diagnoses that licensed healthcare professionals can only make according to their area of competence.

The government has received sharp criticism from both the National Audit Office and ISF = the inspection of social insurance about FK, and still the state allows this to continue.

The government also does not include suicide in the statistics, which is strange as there is a zero vision for suicide. Healthcare is no longer required to report suicide. In practical terms, this means that the zero vision is solved as there is no reporting obligation and no statistics are kept.

But shouldn't our taxes ensure that we have protection? Can you then ask yourself the question.
Sweden tops the list in the world for the highest tax burden.

The employer's contribution paid by the employer to the state is 31.42% of the gross salary. This is money that workers pay by refraining from wage increases.

It is money that is meant to go to our social insurance and pensions.

Approximately 11.2% of this goes directly to the state, in the form of a general payroll tax.

The state uses this for all sorts of things, except what was intended from the beginning.

Tax cuts for the richest, Root and Rut deductions that even the richest can only use, become an ATM for the state. However, we in the population do not know exactly where all this stolen money goes. It is money that is taken from people's insurance that they should be entitled to, to which they are paid.

In 2020, FK repaid SEK 80 billion from the patients' money, thanks to all refusals.

In 2019, the state withdrew SEK 219 billion from the general payroll tax. Money that the sick and needy would have had instead.

What is happening to doctors today in Sweden?
Physicians have, strictly speaking, been deprived of their right to assess their ability to work. The state controls via authorities how to carry out its work as a doctor.

Doctors are not allowed to write sick leave. Doctors must use their time to write supplements to certificates, to an authority that ignores medical certificates anyway. Time that would have been of better benefit to patients who are ill.

You deliberately break down healthcare by taking time from a doctor

Births are closed in cities where the nearest hospital can be 200 km away.

The care queues are increasing, the doctors do not have time to do what they are best at and imposed; namely, comfort, cure and heal the sick.

The rule of law, the European Convention and EU law
Legal certainty no longer exists. The weak sick person is sent to appeal a decision from an authority, which has a battery of lawyers whose only task is to ensure that the authority is right.

The little man is standing there completely without justice, no legal aid, because the Administrative Courts must ensure that the little man's rights are protected. However, this does not happen in reality, they usually follow FK's line. Paper that goes to court from the patient disappears, FK sorts out, and sends with what is only for the benefit of FK.

The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is a law in Sweden and overrides national laws. They shall apply in court, including the ratified conventions.

National laws must be applied in the light of the European Convention, EU law in accordance with the principles of the European Court of Justice.

When you want to complain to the European Court of Justice, there is a battery with criteria that must be met;

national bodies and opportunities must be exhausted, otherwise the case bounces back without action. Despite having done everything, it usually comes back anyway with reference to the fact that some instance remains. Which then leaves the victim back in the same squirrel wheel again. National the courts, administrative laws and good administrative oaths are non-existent.

What does Europe say about the Convention on Human Rights?
The UN Convention on Human Rights states in articles:

Everyone has the right to housing, food and clothing
Everyone has the right to financial security in the event of illness, unemployment etc.
Everyone has the right to a satisfactory standard of living for himself and his family
The children's rights must be respected.
What then is the conclusion?
Well, that Sweden would have one of the world's best welfare systems is just a facade to the outside world.

The Swedish state violates human rights and conventions, through its authorities.

This is done completely with open eyes, without any action whatsoever.

The Swedish state for a social policy that puts people in unreasonable situations, for no reason at all, With the only excuse: there is no money!

There is money. This is pure lie and poetry. This money has been paid in by the employers precisely for our social insurance. But as it is constantly saved on through various regulation letters, with demands for austerity.

This money is taken to the general wage tax and spent on various tax cuts for the richest.

The Swedish state does not meet the requirements for human rights that they must make.

Through their authorities, they expose people to threats, torture and discrimination.

It is important to note is: if a state follows the conventions that they should, then the UN should not have to force a state to establish an Institution for human rights, as the UN has done with Sweden now. If one had followed this then there would have been no need for coercion.

The outside world needs to see this, as we have people who take their own lives every week due to FK.

The government has lost control of its authority, through too generous a government.

We want the state to take its responsibility and people get their rights back and for Human Rights to be respected. That the conventions must be complied with. People should feel secure when their lives take a different turn. Doctors should have back their right to assess sick people. People should not have to sell their lives. And Försäkringskassan will get rid of its power, which they abuse.

A call from us sick to SPREAD THIS! We do not give up!

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Signatures: 663Next Goal: 1,000
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