Save Dangan!

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We the undersigned wish to formally object to the proposed routing of the N6 Galway City Ring Road through the Dangan area and in particular the route crossing through the Dangan Sports Grounds and NUI campus. This route would severely impact the sports facilities and amenities of the area.

We do this on three major grounds

The loss of vital Recreation and Amenity lands at NUI Galway and the permanent negative impact of a massive overhanging bridge structure on the beauty and amenity of the Dangan area. These lands are the finest public amenity in the city, thanks to the good work of NUI Galway over the last 50 years.These are made available and widely used by the people of Galway  in their  thousands weekly and by sports clubs and teams from across the Country. The sports facilities include the Regional Sports Centre , track and hockey pitch, rugby, GAA and soccer pitches , and miles of running and walking trails. The grounds are used by multiple NUI Sports clubs, by athletics clubs such as Galway City Harriers, by Rugby, Rowing and other sports such as Triathlon, Hockey etc, for training camps and summer camps ,  and by the local and wider Galway community for walking and other recreation . Major events such as Colleges GAA ( Sigerson Cup etc) , Collingwood Cup, NUI Galway 8k, Galway Athletics races, Triathlons and Duathlons ,the  Galway Regatta, Rugby games and Mini Rugby camps etc are held on these grounds regularly .

The negative impact on Sports Clubs in Galway in both the medium term construction phase ie 2-3 years ,and importantly in the long term due to the lost footprint of pitches, running and walking trails , and the lack of any provision whatsoever in terms of replacement of same in the medium term. 

The negative impact on Human Health . The planning application submitted does not take proper account of the severe impact on human health notably in the areas of Loss of Amenity lands, nor  Community severance ie the impact on Sports clubs and teams that use the NUI Galway sports campus and will now be homeless and their members without vital training and meeting facilities; nor the Diminished opportunity for Physical Activity due to the severe and profound impact on the Sports campus, the river walks and the general natural beauty and amenity of the area ; nor the negative impact on Mental Health and wellbeing on people due to the closure and limited access for many years to the sports campus and Dangan area and the profound negative change a motorway will haev on these lands long term. The EIS Chapter 18 admits there will be long term negative amenity impact,  that sports facilities and recreational lands will be severely impacted, yet does not properly investigate the impacts on Human Physical health, mental health, wellbeing nor community severance as a proper study should.Any attempt to plough a motorway through this amenity should be rejected, 

We ask that An Bord Pleanala reject this proposed routing . Options must be considered to improve traffic in the City but not at the expense of  Human Health, Sports facilities and vital Recreation and Amenity lands. These lands are the finest sports facilities and public amenities in Galway, are irreplaceable and damaging these will damage the city long term. We ask that other options such as a Corrib Tunnel, a revised routing eg GCOB 2006 crossing,  or other  engineering solutions be considered . 

We hereby urge the Board to favour our proposal and will welcome an oral hearing to state our case.