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Let Amy visit her long-distance girlfriend of two years!

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My name is Taylor. I am eighteen years old and I live in the lovely land-locked state of Missouri. It’s a rather boring place with not much to do for the most part. I'm currently a college student ( on a full-ride academic scholarship ) living with my very open-minded mother and two siblings.

In the fall of my junior year of high-school, I had the most wonderful chance to make friends online with a girl named Amy. She was awesome, sweet, funny, pretty! -- and into all the same things I was! It was almost like a match made in heaven. And on August 14th of 2010, in the middle of a grocery store, I asked her to be my girlfriend ( to which she responded with an enthusiastic 'yes'! )

Unfortunately, this is where our story gets a bit tricky. You see, Amy lives away from me. Very far, far away. In fact, between us lies miles upon miles of land, river and road -- 987 miles to be exact. It makes it rather difficult to visit one another regularly. But this hasn't stopped us from talking every single day, texting, chatting, and Skyping for hours on end.

It's tough to not see the person who you love. Yet we've made it through.

And after two full years of dating ( August 14th of 2012 ) we are more than ready to take the final plunge and see each other face-to-face. In fact, we've tried multiple times to visit one another, including my 18th birthday, my high-school graduation and my senior prom. But every time, the only issue we've come across is Amy's father, who has vehemently opposed her traveling up to see me.

We just want the chance to be like any other couple for even a few days. We want to hold hands, we want to go see a movie and eat at restaurants while we kick each other discretely under the table. Our relationship is no different from anyone else's. We just don't live near one another. My mother has welcomed Amy into our house at any point when she visits and her safety is our number one priority when she does.

( Added October 8th, 2012 ): Putting This Into Perspective!

- Amy is seventeen year old (turning eigtheen in April of 2013), I am eighteen.
- Travelling great distances is no big thing for Amy. Her family regularly commutes back and forth to Houston, Austin and Corpus Christi (four hours to and from). She also gets to go to a yearly film camp (which costs roughly ~$700? I'll ask her later.) and is away from her family for a whole week. And this coming summer she and her sister have been given the okay to travel to Europe alone for a month, to visit the two girls they home-stayed the past two years. She and her sister will be in countries across the globe, where neither of them speak the language and know anyone past the two girls (who they actually knew for less time than I've known Amy.)
- We've already addressed the issue of safety with her father and we've done it multiple times. I live in a large suburb, close to the airport, police station and ten minutes from multiple major hospitals. If anything happened, Amy would be able to leave at anypoint or have immediate results.
- I am also not the only person Amy knows here. She has her own friends up in Missouri and knows some of mine as well. And all of them would be willing to let her stay if for some reason did not want to or couldn't stay with me.

This year I would like to have Amy up here for a few days around Christmas time ( ~December 16th to the 21st ). We have the money. We have the time. Now all she needs is the permission. So please, help us show her father that we're no different from you. 

Amy and I both know this petition will probably change nothing but we feel like it's worth a shot. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We truly appreciate it and your support.

(( For more information, feel free to contact me (Taylor) at: ))
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