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For 200 years the facade of the historic cotton mill in Cotton Hollow, South Glastonbury has provided for a breathtaking and poignant sight for hikers and history enthusiasts, and especially for those who are interested in Glastonbury history. The mill itself is a trademark image of South Glastonbury, representing our past industry and manufacturing history; a constant reminder of what helped to build and support Glastonbury. However, the historic remnants of the mill are under the threat of demolition at the hands of real estate agents, seeking to clear the land of a wall that has been standing firm for centuries, and has survived countless Connecticut weather phenomena. The mill stands on private property and thus does not fall under the jurisdiction of town preservation efforts. For this reason, it is crucial you make your voice heard to those wishing to tear down this historical landmark for a quick cash grab so we may have a chance to save it before it's too late. Do not let your community's history be dismantled for special interests!