Justice for Rashundria

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My daughter, Rashundria J. Burkes, #33305-279 is currently housed at FPC-Bryan in Bryan, TX. After already serving three years and six months in Pulaski State Prison, my daughter was paroled and returned home. She was re-arrested 33 days later for the same offense and conduct and charged in a Federal indictment.

Prior to being incarcerated, Rashundria "Roe", as she is called, was a loving and caring young woman, who always put her family first. Roe was an easy child to raise. Her temperament was mild mannered and she excelled in sports while maintaining an A/B average.  She got her first big job working for Continental Airlines, now United Airlines.  Her dad and I loved to hear the stories about the passengers and their adventures with delays and lost luggage. I still dream about her making us grandparents and becoming a mother.

After the death of her older brother Ronald, my only son, I noticed a change in Roe's behavior. Her associates and friends changed.

My daughter was sent to prison six years after the death of my only son. It is heartbreaking not having either of my children present as I get up in age, especially on Mother's Day. It has been difficult tending to my legally blind husband with my own ailments without help.

We all have made mistakes. There is no excuse for her actions. It is my belief that Rashundria does not deserve to be punished twice for the same crime/conduct. Rashundria has learned her lesson and she is very remorseful. I have no doubt she will be a productive, law abiding, hardworking citizen who watches the company she keeps. She has paid her debt to society. It is time for her be home with her parents, family, and friends. We are here to help assist with her re-integration to society. 

While incarcerated, over nearly a decade, (state and federal combined), I have seen a tremendous change in my daughter. She has grown spiritually, learning patience and humility. I am prayerfully asking you to sign her petition so she may be granted clemency to return home to her elderly parents and loved ones.