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Nathaniel Morales is not a monster

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In March/April 2017 Nathaniel defended a kid who was being beaten in a school fight. He stepped in and stopped the fight. For his actions in aiding the student, he was then targeted by the same group who had beaten that child up. 

Subsequently, he was then threatened for more than a week by that group, including Jacob Soto, and told that he would be "put to sleep" (killed) by Jacob Soto who unrelentingly harassed and threatened Nathaniel until Nathaniel could not take it anymore.

On April 5, Nathaniel approached Jacob and confronted him about the ongoing threats and harassment. At this time, Nathaniel made the poor decision to assault Jacob Soto. The fight was caught on camera. Jacob Soto, after all his threats to end Nathaniel's life, never once raised his hand or fought back against Nathaniel. For this, Nathaniel admits he was wrong,and is willing to accept  punishment.

Where the problem lies is that the parents of Jacob Soto are portraying a total different picture of their son. They report he did nothing to provoke the "attack" and that their son is an innocent victim, who did nothing to provoke Nathaniel. While the fight was caught on camera, and it is true that Jacob did not provoke Nathaniel on camera, he did provoke, harass and threaten Nathaniel off record for an entire week prior to Nathaniel having reached his breaking point. Unfortunately that is what we call hearsay and it means nothing next to the damning evidence caught on camera.

In the 314th district court in Harris County, Texas, on June 12, 2017 Judge John Phillips never gave Nathaniel or I the chance to speak. He only listened to testimony from Jacob Soto's mother explaining what an angel her son is and what a monster Nathaniel is. The judge then made the decision to take Nathaniel from his family and place him in a juvenile detention holding center. Where he goes next is left up to the courts, based on Nathaniel's "file". NATHANIEL HAS NO CRIMINAL RECORD!!! This was his first offense. But he is now facing the possibility of boot camp or juvenile detention and a criminal record.

Anyone who knows Nathaniel knows that fighting is out of character for him and that he has never wronged anyone and while he deserves punishment, possibly in the form of probation or community service, it is an extreme exaggeration to detain him and treat him like a criminal based on his clean criminal history record and overall demeanor.

Nathaniel is guilty of assaulting Jacob Soto. Nathaniel is not guilty of being the monster that Jacob's parents are portraying. Nathaniel has never been in trouble in any of the 15 years of his life. He has always played sports, been a good student, and enjoyed hunting and fishing with his brother and grandfather.

If you can attest to Nathaniel's good hearted peaceful nature, I am asking you to sign this petition to at least show the true character of Nathaniel Morales, so that the judge and the parents of Jacob Soto can see that the angry outraged Nathaniel who was seen on camera assaulting someone after a week of threats made on his life is not who Nathaniel really is.

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