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Stop Proposed Manhattan Beach Cell Towers in Residential Areas!!!

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MB City Council wants to put a Cell Tower in Your Front Yard!

 City of MB Project:

  • AT&T “Project AirGig” which utilizes Broadband over Power Lines (“BPL”) technology via Radio Distributed Antennae System (“RDAS”) to be installed at Church and 13th Street (near American Martyr’s Church) (

 Reasons to Request Townhall Meeting / Public Hearing to Investigate Further

  • Notice sent during Labor Day weekend without sufficient time to review and respond to proposal, seek more time to discuss the pros and cons of this decision.
  • While this is a classic case of Not In My Backyard (NIMBY), it is part of nationwide rollout that is likely coming to your street soon, if not stopped soon (  See article above for AT&T’s plans also.
  • According to several studies, cancer risk is 3-4x higher among residents living within 100-300 meters of a cell antennae.
  • At the very least, an unknown decline in property value is highly likely (would you want to buy house next to a cell tower?)  There is a cost to unknown health repercussions and neighborhood blight.
  • Sound has internal cooling fans that make “low whirring sound” per news articles.

 Goals of Public Hearing:

  • Petition to keep cell equipment on public property and out of residential neighborhoods
  • Inquire about the process used to determine the location, technology and vendor (e.g. AT&T) for this proposal.
  • Was there an RFP process? Was there an environmental impact study done? What other options were considered? What are the city standards for communication equipment overhead?

 Who to Contact:

  • Amy Howorth, Manhattan Beach City Council (Mayor Pro Tem),, (
  • David Lesser, Manhattan Beach City Council (Mayor),
  • Steve Napolitano, Manhattan Beach City Council,
  • Nancy Hersman, Manhattan Beach City Council,
  • Richard Montgomery, Manhattan Beach City Council,
  • Jason Masters, Assistant Planner, (




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