Stop Hazara Genocide in Pakistan

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I on behalf of Hazara ethnic would like to request the Government of Germany to pressurize the Government of Pakistan to protect the life of Hazara ethnic who are suffering from terrorism  for the last seventeen years. The terrorist have killed several prominent doctors, engineers, civil servants and labourers during the period 2000 to 2018. The systemic killing of the Hazaras by individuals and groups has been acknowledged by the Pakistani state institutions. Lashkari Janghvi, Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat and Jaish ul Islam have accepted the responsibility of these attacks. Yet, not a single culprit has been charged and brought to justice so far. In many cases, the individuals and groups responsible have enjoyed government and societal protection. Such terrorist activities against the Hazaras still continue uninterrupted, especially in Quetta city.

The federal and the provincial governments have mostly responded to this sectarian violence by mere condemnation and condolences, followed by little to no action. The media and civil society denounce these incidents as anti-Islamic, and government officials reiterate their resolve to take stern action against the culprits and bring them to justice. Once the hype subsides, these promises are forgotten until a next incident takes place. In the words of one local Hazara leader, the police in Quetta keep staging the same drama again and again. First, they afford safe passage to the real murderers while arresting innocent people in a public display of purportedly acting against the terrorists. Next, they release those who were arrested on the grounds that there is no solid evidence linking them to the attack. The complacency shown by police officials in the face of sectarian killings lends credence to such claims.

 The Hazara community in Quetta lives in fear today. Hundreds of educated youth are packing their bags to emigrate to Western countries like Australia and European Countries, in search of safety and a secure future. 

Therefore it is requested from the German Government to press the Pakistani Government to upholds its international human rights obligation and those who publically claim responsibility of such killings, be brought to justice.